8 réflexions au sujet de « Résolution »

  1. On Jimmy;s comments re Cindy Sheehan.Jimmy to little points.1) Sheehan denied ever having made those comments, and I’ve never seen any convincing evidence she did. If you have some lets see it.2) If Cindy Sheehan is to blame for the people who claim to support her then so is Hitchens. I don’t agree with the idea that either is so that’s the point of the post.

  2. Kun tekee luumuhillonsa itse oman puun luumuista tai kaupan hyllyn luumuista, saa lopputulokseksi kauniin punaista hilloa. Löysempäähän tuo on, mutta sinne voi ujuttaa sekaan vaikkapa omenaa, ja kyllä se on niin paljon parempaa ja täysin lisäaineetonta.

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  4. Rachel Corrie joined the ISM for college credits. She was to receive them when she returned. Giving up your humanity for college credits make her a whore in any book. It is prostituting herself for a degree.The ISM sends pretty white women from Europe and the US to Gaza not just to protest, but to "service" the jihadis. And that makes them Prostitutes in any court of law. Or in the vernacular: Whores.The title on Corrie stands. She whored herself and her principles.

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