11 réflexions au sujet de « I work for the animal »

  1. parerea mea este ca PSD-ul va trage in piept .Pasii de melc cu toate schimbarile mi se confirma pe zi ce trece ca PSD -PONTA -RUS-FILIP etc fac JOCURILE LUI BASE.Si referendumul s-a pierdut pe mina lui PONTA -RUS-PSD.Nu au fost in stare sa aiba un plan bine stabilit.Rezultatul a fost pe masura.

  2. Vixcita,I love all your amazingly beautiful stories.. Oh mama i thought that was a colorful scarf.. Thats so astonishing and brave of you mi amor.. You and helgita need to write a book of your lifes..you and helga do wonders to all your scarfs and outfits..that skirt is endless batwing vintage poly blouse is so you.. Glad to have discovered you mi gypsy goddess.

  3. I can just affirm that the cheese ball was SERIOUSLY yummy, and super popular. I had some left over to enjoy on my ownsies, but not much. Given that, really, the first thought in anyone’s mind at that point in the evening was More Milk Punch, it is an especially enthusiastic two thumbs up from the party guests.It was an awesome addition to the table…as the two of you were to the festivities as a whole! (and thank goodness SOMEONE wore the crown!)

  4. Ik vind leren mouwen ook echt geweeeldig <3 ben nog steeds opzoek naar een zwarte jas met leren mouwen, kan hem steeds maar niet vinden bij de h&m. Maar die jij aan hebt is ook erg leuk :D!

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